This service area is perhaps the most heavily defined by the regulatory environment. In addition to the complexities of the customs process, there are a host of governmental agencies that must be considered when importing to the United States, including the FDA, USDA, EPA, FCC, APHIS, TTB, to name a few.

The complexity of this environment requires that an importer have a strategic partner with the expertise to guide clients through the regulations and requirements in an efficient and thorough manner.

The areas of service include:

Inbound Logistics Service:

With 180 affiliate offices in more than 90 countries, 冰球突破摆脱游戏 has the infrastructure and systems to effectively coordinate and manage the inbound movement of material from around the globe. The inbound service options reflect those offered on the outbound, including: Airfreight, Ocean Freight, Inland, and Rail.

National Customs Clearance:

As a U.S. Customs broker with a National Permit and Remote Location Filing capabilities, 冰球突破摆脱游戏 can electronically clear shipments through U.S. Customs for any port in the country. This provides clients with a single point of contact and centralized system for the collection and disbursement of information.


The sensitivity of the importing process creates a strong regulatory environment across a number of U.S. government agencies. 冰球突破摆脱游戏’s compliance group works with clients on education and adherence to the regulations as well as the establishment of systems to manage ongoing compliance requirements. 冰球突破摆脱游戏 also provides mock-audits to ensure that systems are functioning as designed and that verify the company’s compliance.

Duty Drawback:

An estimated 50 billion dollars annually goes unclaimed by U.S. companies that have imported merchandise and subsequently re-export or destroy the same material. 冰球突破摆脱游戏 provides a comprehensive duty drawback solution that includes: determining eligibility, completing the application process, establishing the necessary systems to manage the process, filing the entry, obtaining the refund, and ensuring compliance.